Monday, September 26, 2005

Thank You, Carly

This song, and in a larger sense, my interest in song and lyric writing were inpired by my daughter Carly. I wrote the music for Silent Pride in 2003 after having recieved a new guitar for my 50th birthday (Carly had a hand in that as well). I liked the chord progression and asked her to help me with some lyrics. Carly chose the theme and wrote the first draft. From there, we worked together and crafted the first complete song either of us had ever written. In January 2005 we were awarded first place for lyrics in a preliminary round for VH-1's Song of the Year. And since then I have been inpired to write over 25 songs and dozens of poems, igniting a creative passion in me that had been latent for far too long. Thank you so much, Carly darling. You helped me launch my renaissance. I love you always. ~Dad